2021 Cancellation

Imagine Festival 2021 Cancellation 

We are devastated to have to share this news, however mother nature leaves us no other option but to cancel the Imagine Music Festival this weekend. 

These past 2 years have been tremendously difficult for all of us. Each of us has been touched by the tragedies caused by the pandemic and severe weather. We were all so hopeful to finally be able to join hands again in unity as we shared beautiful moments we would never forget.  Despite all the odds, and challenges our team faced, we remained steadfast in our mission to provide everyone the most magical Imagine Festival we have ever produced. However, all of the struggles to produce the show this year, and all of the passion to join hands again, will not interfere with our number one priority of providing a safe environment for our guests.

The weather forecast continues to become more ominous with varying percentages of rain, strong winds, the potential for lighting and very severe weather.  Our public safety team, nationally acclaimed meteorologists, local authorities, and our team of experienced directors have determined severe weather for Chattahoochee Hills is imminent and will cause extremely hazardous conditions that are unsafe for guests and staff.

The site has had a tremendous amount of land improvement over the years, not limited to, paved roads, extensive grading, water lines, and French drains throughout.  However, no amount of land improvements can withstand a hit from a hurricane or tropical storm and remain safe for staff to work and guests to attend. 

Your experience as our guest has been paramount in every decision we have ever made, but we will never take a chance on your safety. 

We can’t even begin to describe how heartbroken we are and how much effort and dedication from our team has gone into this show. We are an independent organization and this decision is going to have a deep impact on our business, family, and our entire Imagine Team.  We are endlessly grateful and thankful for your understanding and support as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times. 

For our current ticket holders you can either choose to automatically transfer your ticket to 2022, or will have the opportunity to request a refund. We encourage ticket holders to carry over your ticket for 2022 to guarantee price and availability because tickets are over 98% sold out with all camping 100% sold out. Please stay tuned for more information on new festival dates and full details on your ticketing options. 

All of our resources will now be released and have the potential to help in the rescue and emergency disaster relief efforts in Louisiana and Texas. We hope this will be a benefit from the misfortune of us having to cancel. “We love you and it shows!” 

We will see you in 2022!

2021 Ticketing Information

Important Ticketing Information

Hello Imagine Family,

Imagine Festival 2021 was recently cancelled due to severe weather. We are heartbroken and we all feel devastated that the event could not happen as scheduled. In order to mitigate weather issues in the future, Imagine Festival has moved its date to Early October, historically the driest time of the year and some of the most beautiful weather Atlanta has to offer.

We are always trying to bring your experience to the next level. Bouckaert property is one of the most beautiful camping festival sites in the world.  We did extensive land improvements to the property and look forward to revealing future plans for further improvements and weather mitigation.

We plan to re-create what you all deserved to see and feel this year, while bringing it to an entirely new level. We will be working to re-book the same artists, vendors, and production and add even more talent, stages, and experiences to make your Imagine Festival 2022 more magical than ever before.  

Imagine is one of the few independent festivals of this size. We are not a large corporation and are confident you feel the difference in the energy and vibe of the community and experience. We are endlessly thankful for your continued love and support. Your support, by automatically rolling over your ticket,  helps artists, talent, production teams, designers, and all of our industry contractors. As a token of our gratitude, we have added an automatic $35-$50 credit towards merch, food, and beverage for all of those that choose to roll over their tickets to Imagine 2022. Imagine Festival 2021 is over 95% sold out and 100% sold out of all camping. To further protect the value of your purchase, there will be no added inventory and prices will never be lower.

This is the first time in 8 years we have had a weather cancellation. We are in unprecedented times with the Covid-19 pandemic and now being affected by severe weather.  We can only get through these times together. Tears of joy will be flowing when we can all join together again and everyone sees the magic we all worked so hard to achieve. Thank you all. We love you. 

Next Steps & Ticketing Options


  • Transfer / Rollover your ticket to 2022: No action is required by you. All of your tickets, including add ons will automatically be transferred to the 2022 event. In addition, a $35 for GA and $50 for VIP credit will automatically be provided for merch, food, and beverage.
  • If you wish to request a refund, you will have TWO windows of opportunity to do so. The first round of refund requests will be accepted from today until September 26th, 2021 at 11:59PM EST. Please fill out this form to request a refund. We understand many guests want to see the lineup before making this decision and therefore we will open up a second opportunity to request a refund once the official lineup is announced. This allows guests the opportunity to make an informed decision, as many of your tickets will not be offered again or not offered at the same price you purchased it for. Refunds will start processing within 60 days of the refund deadline to the same payment method originally used to purchase. If your refund fails, See Tickets will contact you in order to get alternate card information. 


If you need help viewing your ticket order or getting an updated receipt, click here for a handy Support article to show you how

About Imagine Festival

Imagine Festival was developed in 2014 and has grown from an inner city music festival in Atlanta, Georgia to a distinguished major U.S Festival featuring the best artists, DJs and performers from around the world; centered around an aquatic fairytale theme. The staff behind this festival consist of 20-30 year veterans that work every major music festival in the United States and internationally. Imagine Festival has faced many challenges as an independent organization, but has gained worldwide recognition for continuing to build and execute a world class festival. This is just the beginning of Imagine, a festival that we hope inspires you to turn your dreams into reality. “We love you and it shows!”

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