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Imagine is now 4 Days!

July 16, 2019

Imagine will be expanding to four days, which will be accompanied by full music programming on the Disco Inferno stage, early arrival camping, and one extra day of fun. Taking place at Atlanta Motor Speedway this September 19-22, 2019, the added day will be free to everyone who already purchased a 3-day ticket and available for a limited time for free until August 15.

Q: I bought a 3 Day GA Pass with GA Camping before July 16. Can I Camp on Thursday?

On July 16 all 3 Day Passes purchased prior to July 16 were upgraded to a four day pass. You may attend the festival on Thursday however, if you would like to camp on Thursday you will need to purchase a $49 Early Arrival Camping Add On.

Q:I purchased my ticket before July 16 do I get to come on Thursday.

YES! Anyone that purchased a 3 day pass prior to July 16 will get to come for FREE on Thursday. If you have a 3 Day Camping pass and would like to Camp on Thursday, you will need to grab a Early Arrival Camping Add on for $49 here: Grab Early Arrival Camping Pass

Q: I already purchased a three day general admission pass plus camping so since this four day thing came out does that mean I have to purchase the early camping pass or does it already come with it since it’s already purchased it before it came out?

Yes if you would like to camp on Thursday you will need to grab an Early Arrival Pass.

You can grab the Early Arrival Pass here:


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